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Trainers and courseware developers who want to adapt existing materials and don’t have time to rerecord or even have access to the source code then TDT can help overcome the issue by its advanced recording features.

Implementation consultants wanting to reuse their existing library of materials for another customer. They can also take their data load scripts and run load TDT with the customers data.

Training companies who wish to take their standard generic e-learning courses and make them customized for each new client.


TDT, the developer tool is ideal for developing re-usable e-learning recordings. Frames can be captured directly or they can be imported from other formats such as PowerPoint, video, images or even UPK. Adding callouts and audio, adjusting the timeline and publishing are straightforward. But, the amazing new feature is the ability to update the finished recording without re-opening the file.

Why use TDT

Record Simulations and publish into multiple formats.
Create once then distribute into multiple formats to suite your training needs – total flexibility
Publish to Microsoft Word
Publish as an executable file

Translate training materials and republish in any selected language - Easy to use and no need to use foreign language versions of your applications to rerecord training materials
Add translations to TDT and then export to Excel
Review and import translated texts from Excel to TDT

Astonishing flexibility to copy or reload training data into the recordings using Excel or Data Loader files - New courses can be quickly created without rerecording
Paste data from Excel to create fields with data
Update screen data using Excel

Capture data from your live web applications and place it into formatted screen images of the same applications - Total flexibility for data capture and populating training materials of different sites or classes

Built in OCR to Scan text from images or screen shots and then copy them into the training simulation. TDT will create a data loader script to help you repeat data load of another class - Speed up the development time.

Quickly turn static screen shots into user updateable images for republishing in Flash - Incredible long term savings
Create Masks on images using edge recognition
Linking text on screen objects to external data files

Advanced XML export and import facilities for updating or transferring projects from one user to another - Total flexibility and sharing of projects in an easy to use format that can be changed without needing the TDT application.
Export Project to XML file
Import Project from XML files

Record simulations into Flash format then change the data without the need to rerecord - Save time and prolong the life of the training
Editing External Files to update Flash files

Use your setup data loader scripts to populate the ELI Accelerator based training materials - Consultants can use real data used for setup in the ELI applications. No extra rework.

Extensive use of TDT Library's means that screens and data can be saved then reused in other projects - Greatly reduces development time.

Add shapes and objects to the demonstration slides and have any text linked to files.
Using Buttons and Click Boxes
Mass Updates to data stored in external files

Enhance your training materials with audio
Import Audio - Adding Sound

Customize the look and feel of the published flash files
Use the Skins feature to create your own styles of publishing

Rapid Search and Replace of Text to accelerate the production of new e-learnng content from old or new materials.
Advanced Search and Replace of Text

Sophisticated use of time line to perfect the playback of recordings
Using and Editing the TimeLine

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