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Creating Accelerated UPK content in three easy steps...

  1. Import
  2. Edit
  3. Re-Publish

The End to End R-UPK Process

R-UPK - an end-to-end scenario

Here's a look at each step in more detail.

Importing Abilities


With R-UPK it is easy to import UPK files modify them then save them back into UPK using the same Oracle ODARC file format that UPK uses. There are no restrictions just select module of topic to export to R-UPK.

Top R-UPK importing features

Import from ODARC

Simply select the topic or module to export from UPK and then open it in R-UPK. It is so simple. You can then save the file and modify it or convert it for publication into other formats.

Export from UPK

Export from UPK Import ODARC files

Import into R-UPK

Import into R-UPK
Editing Abilities


After importing the UPK module or topic, update it with a set of advanced and unique tools for Accelerating content. With libraries and labor saving utilities fields or images in your applications can be stored updated and reused in R-UPK making responses to change easy and low cost.

Top R-UPK Editing Features

Save UPK topics for further editing

Some customers may want to continue to edit or enhance the UPK content for use with other divisions or department. Or, they need to accommodate changes to the instance or business processes. Continuing to maintain and update the topics is so easy; just press the Save As menu function and its available for future use.

RUPK Save as TDU
Save an ODARC as TDU file

Export UPK texts and maintain in Excel for translation

Text, including the data within the fields in the UPK topics may need to be changed or translated. We provide a special import-export feature that lets you review text you want to translate in Excel before updating the topic. You can even have multiple languages and datasets side by side in Excel and import them all at one time. Then export to ODARC format as required.

Export to Excel and Translate

Export translation to XLS

Export translation to XLS

Update and Edit Translations in Excel

Update and Edit Translations in Excel

Import translations back into the R-UPK project

Import translations back into the R-UPK project

Export Topic back to UPK ODARC format

Easy-to-use menus help you with your work. Once you have completed your changes save the topic back into an ODARC format ready to use in UPK.

Export Topic back to UPK ODARC format Export to ODARC
Re-Publishing Abilities


Once all the editing and enhancement work is done you can see the changes in UPK by using Save UPK Package from the file menu. All UPK modes will work normally. Alternatively, you can choose to convert the file to TDT, in which case you enjoy a variety of editing and publishing options. The choice is yours.

Top R-UPK Re-Publishing Features

Convert a UPK Topic to TDT format for further enhancement

If you want to publish or continue to edit original UPK content with TDT then we provide an easy conversion tool for you.

Convert a UPK Topic to TDT format for futher enhancement
Convert to TDT

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