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Training departments that have multilingual training requirements and do not wish to record their training materials all over again.

Consultants who have existing UPK content and want to update it quickly for a new situation without re-recording.

SMEs or consultants that would like to have UPK training materials before the setup is finalized (or has even begun), and update the topics as the implementation evolves.

Companies that have UPK generic content that they'd like to customize to reflect their own data, with almost no development cost.


Users of RUPK can take advantage of many of the outstanding TDT features used to edit and update slides in UPK. Features such as edge recognition, data loader or clone and cascade values through a complete topic are all available in R-UPK. Combined with the special features for editing UPK topics customers have a unique combination of features to speed up and modify UPK topics without the costly rework that would normally be associated with updating training content.

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