The Accelerator Suite – Keeping you ahead of change.

End-user training on a new ERP implementation represents a major investment of time and money. Most of the courseware development has to wait until an instance is ready for use. Development of the materials will take days, weeks or even months once the instance is available. And, once videos have been recorded, making changes requires starting over and re-recording. Elearning Incorporated can now help customers keep ahead of change for less time and less budget with the Accelerator Suite.



The Accelerator Suite is a set of tools that masks e-learning content or screen images, turning them into an editable state, thereby enabling you to change the data users see during training without re-recording. Maskit ensures the confidentiality of your data.

With the Accelerator Suite's unique set of data loading and screen conversion utilities, you can quickly change the data displayed in your e-learning materials. Once Accelerated, your screen-captures turn into lifelike multilingual screens where users can change the information without re-recording. The Accelerator Suite works with a wide range of formats including video, PowerPoint, image files and sound files. Files from multiple sources may be merged into one and the sound files may be integrated as desired.

For customers who use Oracle UPK, the Accelerator Suite now provides a set of revision and acceleration tools. The R-UPK tool kit will convert or make updatable any UPK recording without the need to use the UPK software. Once edited, the recordings are easily put back into the UPK library for immediate use.

Training materials produced in UPK can also now be easily converted, reformatted, merged with other files and republished with the Accelerator Suite.

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