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Creating Accelerated e-learning and masking content in three easy steps...

  1. Record
  2. Edit
  3. Publish

Here's a look at each step in more detail.

Importing Abilities


With Maskit's flexible recording options, you can choose to capture full screen, window or region. This is not all… Maskit can capture frames from video, import slides from PowerPoint presentations or backgrounds from other e-learning simulations. Add audio and sound effects to complete a perfect simulation. Recycle your old e-learning with Maskit and change the data in the recordings with our masking functions.

Top Maskit recording features

Import Images and backgrounds from other e-learning

Import images from a variety of formats using menu or toolbar options. Use an imported image as a callout placed on existing frames or as a replacement for the background frame itself.

Import Images Demo

Import Images

Import from PPT and other Projects

Slides may be imported from PowerPoint presentations, or from another Maskit project, including topics transferred from UPK via Maskit’s sister product, R-UPK. Simply go to the file menu and make the appropriate selection. Add as many or few slides as you wish. Maskit provides a simple slide sorter to re-sequence your images.

Import Slides from Microsoft PowerPoint

Record Frames from Video files

Frames are easily captured from WMV files. The Maskit menu option opens a window. Play the video file in the window and capture as many images as you wish; then import them precisely into your project.

Capture and Record Frames from Video files (WMV)

Video Capture
Editing Abilities

Edit & Add Data Masks

After the recording or taking of screen captures is complete, Maskit can now transform the background images into application-like screens by using a number of unique utilities for creating masks and loading them with data. You just point and click on areas of the image and turn them automatically into data fields to mask your confidential data. Maskit will provide the functions to do the rest in record time.

Import or change data, add from items stored in libraries, update the images with data from MS Excel, Live Applications or Data Loader scripts. There is even a built in OCR feature which lets you scan an image and turn the data into text ready for a new training session in English or any other language. Maskit provides a set of translation utilities to help maintain multiple versions of the same recording.

Top Maskit Editing Features

Callouts and Masks

Superb image-editing features offered by Maskit include masks, table masks and shapes. Click and place as required. Double click to add text, borders and background colors.

Callouts Bar

Adding Callouts to Maskit

Edge recognition with color matching

Edge recognition not only fits a mask exactly to field boundaries, it picks up the precise background color. The Edge-recognition plus OCR feature also picks up existing field contents as a prompt for subsequent easier editing.

Edge Recognition Demo

Creating Masks with Edge Recognition

Mask text editor

Double click on a mask to edit contents or link it to an external file for rapid updating. Mass updates can also be made via a data loader or from Excel.

External Files using clone and ripple-updates

Mask Editor for External Files
Re-Publishing Abilities


Once the old e-learning has been Accelerated with masks and loaded with data from any number of external sources you may want to keep updating the data. Each time you publish you can update what the user sees with no redevelopment or translation. Everything that is entered onto the background slides can be printed or saved to a number of MS Word templates. Training courses, test scripts, process documents and many other types of materials can be easily produced. Maskit also provides a rapid courseware development kit which plugs into our MS Word training template. This enables rapid content development of printed materials to accompany any Maskit created videos.

Maskit Re-Publishing Features

Preview before Publishing

Verify your work with the Maskit Previewer and check to see how your final recording will appear.

Publishing Previewer

Flash or EXE

Publish your project to Flash or an EXE file. Simply go to the Publish menu, edit the skin to the desired final appearance and chose the format.

Publishing to SWF or EXE

Publishing to Flash


Use available templates to build Word documents to your specifications with slide images included.

FTP and email

Publishing to ftp or email is coming soon.

Post-publishing editing

The external files are still linked to the project even after it has been published to Flash or EXE. By editing the external file, users may change the video text contents directly without re-publishing. No training needed. AMAZING.

Editing External Files to update Flash Files

External Masks

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