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Rapidly update screen shots from within UPK in three easy steps... making the task 3 or more time quicker that using MS Paint.

  1. Select UPK screen shot to edit
  2. Edit it with Edit UP
  3. Save and publish

Select UPK screen shot to edit

With Edit UP it is easy to open any UPK screen shot, modify it and save it all within the UPK developer. Edit UP works with UPK release 11 and the version 3.x of UPK.

Edit with Edit UP

Use Edit UP when you develop topics and need to make corrections to your recordings. Edit UP comes into its own when data has to be changed or corrected and recapturing screen shots will cause you to lose training data continuity within the topic or cause too much rework within published word documents.

Save and continue

Once the editing and updates to the screen shot fields are done you can see the changes in UPK by simply saving and closing Edit UP.

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