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All UPK developers should use Edit UP instead of MS Paint as the in-line editor for UP. It takes only seconds to link to Edit UP. Do it now.


Anyone who has ever used or tried to use MS Paint as the editor for UPK screenshots will know how time-consuming and frustrating it can be. Instead, many developers use Snag It by Techsmith with mixed results.

Install Edit UP as your in-line UPK editor in seconds. Then, when a screenshot is open in UPK developer, go to the Edit menu > Edit Screenshots just as you do today.

The Edit UP tool will save you hours of time and frustration. If you need a hand getting started, training is free and it will take just minutes for you to become a power user.

Now, any time you need to make a change to the data or a field label in a screenshot, Edit UP will let you achieve it in seconds rather than hours. It is just that good.

Don’t believe it? Download it for a free trial now.

Why use Edit UP

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