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Editable Content Materials - R-UPK Editable Training Materials - TDT
ECMS are recordings of Oracle topics with masks in place created in R-UPK. They may be licensed and downloaded. ETMs are training topics created using TDT with masks.
Masks are linked to external files so that the "rippled-through" feature is automatically effective when the contents of a mask are changed. The topics are available in SWF format or as an Executable file.
After the mask contents have been edited, the user may save the file in ODARC format as a "patched" file ready for import back into the UPK library. Mask texts are linked to external files so that they contents of fields in the masks may be changed without any technical expertise.
Available Topics Available Topics
Check back frequently as the list is growing Check back frequently as the list is growing
UPK Topics for Oracle EBS
Purchasing R12
Unordered Receipts
Match Unordered Receipts
Express Receipts
Partial Receipts
Receiving Transactions
Receiving Corrections
Blanket Purchase Orders
Contract Purchase Orders
Autocreating a Blanket Release


Autocreating a Standard PO  
Entering a Standard PO  

Submitting a Document for Approval  
In Preparation
Other topics are in preparation. Please contact us for more information.

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